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2024 Wall Calendar

2024 Wall Calendar

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The 2024 wall calendar measures 9”x14” and is held together by one large binder clip that you can hang from a nail on your wall or tack in a cork board.

This year's calendar is a collection of images from a summer of exploration in our new home complete with several double exposure cyanotypes and a few highlighting different colors you can get with this process!

The calendar is designed so that at the end of each month, the month and number section can be easily cut off with the 9”x9” image remaining. (See final image for some inspiration for what to do with your prints once the year is complete!) When the image is cut, the 9”x9” square print fits perfectly into a square HOVSTA frame from IKEA, which can be purchased in-person or ordered online. The frame IS NOT included in the purchase of this calendar.

Read my HOW TO blog post on framing the prints once the month is over.


9” x 14”

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