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Perspective Shift no. 1

Perspective Shift no. 1

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9” x 7.5” one-of-a-kind cyanotype
Titled, signed and dated on the front
Thank you note and Certificate of Authenticity included
Beautifully wrapped and perfect for gifting

About this collection:
February is typically a month in which I embrace a long period of introspection. As a fairly even introvert/extrovert split (although I tend more towards introvert) I welcome February. It’s such a gift to me. I feel the early months of the year fulfill a deep part of my heart and soul. To snuggle up by the fire, read, reflect on goals and make plans for the “making time” ahead, I come back to my practice with renewed vigor. I’ve come to accept this as a part of my process.
When welcomed to Florida’s North Captiva Island to teach a workshop and share my cyanotypes earlier this month, I jumped on the opportunity. I am so glad I did because what came out of the trip was something much more than a new collection. This collection holds a discovery of place, discovery of new flora, and discovery of self and creativity. If art teaches me anything, it is an attention. It teaches me an attention to detail, to beauty, and to what is happening inside of myself that leads to an external exploration. With this discovery comes a need to translate from me to you: the viewer, the faithful follower, the collector, and it becomes something totally new for you and for your own discovery.
There is something deeply internal for me about water. It is the place I feel most free and most myself. What does it mean to be free? Why does the water help me feel this way? I think it is true for many of us - that we feel a sense of freedom at the edge of the Gulf, or the ocean, or a lake. For me this freedom is where my mind, body, and creativity feel most connected. This collection holds moments where I felt a harmony with nature and a belonging to my own creative flow. This collection is an invitation to ponder at the edge and feel free.


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