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Field of Dreams - FRAMED

Field of Dreams - FRAMED

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Field of Dreams (limited edition) - FRAMED
40"w x 60"h

DRY MOUNTED on foam core and float mounted in a wooden frame - completely ready to hang.

Perfect size for over a bed or couch

Stunningly and professionally framed by The Visual Expansion Gallery in West Chester

Free delivery with one hour of West Chester, PA.
Shipping for this piece will be billed separately to ensure quality shipping.

About this collection:
I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am a country girl, not a city girl and definitely not a suburbs girl. So when I moved outside of Philly, I had a hard time understanding why everything was so close together. Back home there is space between things. When you travel from one town to another there is a giant space between them: fields and woods and water and vastness. I think this built-in margin has affected me deeply. The significance of a field is so much larger than a blade of grass in the wind. It is a space to pause, a space for reflection, for perspective and the place to consider where you are going and where you have been. Those things are inherent at home and harder to achieve up here. But I damn well try! This collection is about finding the space between and resting in it. This collection is a love story about me and beautiful Pennsylvania summers. It is about finding peace in the actual season of summer. It is about learning to love something deeply despite it being different than where I came from. It is about finding myself in the in-between.

My hope with this collection is that it invites you into this space to ponder and fall in love. I hope that you feel like you can walk right into these pieces and be reminded to trust yourself and to learn to love where you are.



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